Top 5 Types of Ideal Candidates for Spinal Decompression Therapy

When you visit your local chiropractor, you are likely interested in non-invasive and natural alternatives to managing your pain or healing from an injury. The type of treatment most commonly associated with chiropractic care is spinal manipulation, which is a safe and effective manual process by which vertebrae in the spine are realigned. However, chiropractors also use other gentle and successful treatment techniques like spinal decompression. Talk to your Killeen chiropractor and continue reading to learn if you are an ideal candidate for spinal decompression therapy.

Who Should Consider Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Ideal candidates for spinal decompression therapy may be dealing with pain and discomfort or recovering from an injury. This innovative approach promotes self-healing in the body with an all-natural and drug-free approach. People who visit a chiropractor for the following conditions are ideal candidates for spinal decompression therapy:

Those with Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek out chiropractic care. In addition to spinal manipulation and therapeutic massage, another beneficial technique to experiencing lasting relief from back pain is spinal decompression. Whether you are dealing with back pain from a recent injury or due to wear and tear on the body, spinal decompression may be able to help. Spinal decompression helps to realign your spine to a healthy alignment so that blood flow and oxygen can flow effectively and promote healing in a damaged area.

Anyone Dealing with Neck Pain

Neck pain is the other most common reason for a visit to the chiropractor. Chronic neck pain can develop for a variety of reasons, from hunching over a computer for long hours each day to poor sleep posture at night. Neck pain can be caused by too much pressure on the spinal discs that make up your cervical spine. Spinal decompression can provide you with lasting relief from neck pain by gently relieving the pressure on the vertebrae in your neck and safely stretching your spine.

People Experiencing Chronic Headaches

If you experience frequent or chronic headaches, then you may have tried many ways to help ease the pain and discomfort. One way to experience lasting pain relief from headaches is to address their root cause. There are many types of headaches, and your chiropractor can help identify the source of your headache pain. Spinal decompression therapy can help relieve pressure on the part of your spine that is causing your chronic headaches.

Individuals Suffering from Disc Herniation

Spinal discs help to separate the vertebrae in your spine and provide shock absorption and stability. When a spinal disc is not in its proper positioning, it can negatively impact the healthy functioning of the spine. A herniated disc may disrupt healthy blood flow and oxygen through the spine and may even cause bone-on-bone pain. Spinal decompression can help by stretching the spine so that the herniated disc can slide back into its proper positioning.

Anyone Diagnosed with Sciatica

Sciatica is a specific type of lower back pain where the sciatic nerve becomes aggravated. If you suffer from sciatica, then you may experience a shooting or stabbing pain that runs from the base of your spine and into the buttocks, hip, and leg. Compression of the sciatic nerve causes these uncomfortable symptoms, and spinal decompression therapy can help relieve these symptoms by removing the pressure on the nerve. When the spine is in its proper position, blood and oxygen can flow freely and bring nutrients to the damaged area so that the body can begin its healing process.

How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works

You might be wondering what to expect with spinal decompression therapy when you visit your chiropractor for one of the reasons above. Spinal decompression involves lying on a table specifically designed for this type of treatment. The table is operated by a computer that slowly and gently stretches and elongates your spine, so that your vertebrae and spinal discs move into proper alignment. This helps to remove pressure on certain areas, which can cause you to experience relief right away. Spinal decompression changes the pressure on your spine in a gentle and safe way that is non-invasive.

Visit your spinal decompression chiropractor at Affordable Chiropractic in Killeen to learn more about whether you are an ideal candidate for spinal decompression.

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